Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Models Tailored To Meet Your Objectives

ENERGYPROS™ creates detailed financial models specifically for your site and to satisfy your unique objectives. From pilot projects to regional roll-outs, our team of subject matter experts understand your business, will anticipate your needs, and can ensure an effective and viable corporate renewable energy plan.

1. Revenue Generation

The ability to turn idle roof space, parking areas, or brownfields into cash-generating assets drives much of the investment in solar today. Could your organization's building or land accept a solar installation and yield thousands of dollars in additional income every month?

2. Capital Preservation

Many clients pay a considerable amount in taxes each year, but to encourage investment and spark economic development, governments give taxpayers credit for dollars spent on renewable energy projects. The current Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit of 30% expires in 2016 so time is short to take advantage of this lucrative tax benefit. Find out how you can preserve a significant amount of capital while reducing your tax burden by calling us today.

3. Offset Energy Costs

Electricity prices continue to climb as traditional energy resources grow more scarce and large carbon emitters internalize the heavy costs of pollution. American institutions, eager to lock-in stable rates over the long-term, have turned to the promise of renewable energy. Solar installations rely on free abundant energy from our Sun so, after an initial investment, the price you pay for solar energy never goes up. And since solar panels generate electricity without releasing greenhouse gases, your electricity costs will also remain immune to any future carbon legislation. Call us to learn how you can lower your energy costs today and reduce your exposure to higher prices in the future.

4. Sustainability Goals

With the climate becoming increasingly disruptive to our economy, large carbon emitters face mounting pressure to ensure a sustainable future by reducing pollution and paying for the harmful greenhouse gases they release. Many organizations establish their own sustainability goals and reduce their emissions by developing solar energy systems. From first contact to the final commissioning of a project, SolBright provides turnkey installations for customers seeking to dramatically enhance their sustainability branding while achieving meaningful emissions reductions. Let our team of subject matter experts help you craft a renewable energy strategy which contributes to a more sustainable future.

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